Comisión Asesora Científico Tecnológica (CACT)
An Advisory Committee for Science and Technology (CACT, spanish acronym for Comisión Asesora Científico Tecnológica) is formed, by Argentina, within the Project LLAMA. The Committe for the time being is integrated bymembers of IAR and IAFE: Dres. C. E Cappa, S. Cichowolski, G. Cristiani, S. Paron, E. Reynoso and J. Vasquez.
The purpose of this committee is to gather scientific projects which Argentina astronomical community would carry out the 12m LLAMA antenna. This will give a first step in defining the instrumentation for LLAMA in its first stage. It is necessary to consider the instrumental needs of these scientific projects and, based on them, define priority scientific projects (key science projects).
LLAMA is expected to work at an early stage in the frequency range between 80 and 500 GHz, with a resolving power close to 60 arcsec at 115 GHz (2.7 mm) and 20 arcsec at 300 GHz (1 mm) . This range includes numerous species of molecular lines and millimeter and submillimeter continuum, allowing study objects ranging from the solar system to those in extragalactic astronomy.
We invite those who wish to contribute to post a short description of scientific projects including basic instrumental needs. It is not necessary to include specific objects to study, but only a general description.
Projects must be submitted by November 5 at any of the following accounts:
In addition, we invite members of other institutes and faculties to join this group.