The LLAMA Telescope and the neighboring Colla communities
The towns closest to where the telescope will operate are:
a) San Antonio de los Cobres (Salta province)
This town of about 6000 inhabitants, is the terminal point of the famous Tren de las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), is located 16km east of the selected site. It is the capital of the Department of the Andes, in La Puna region belonging to the province of Salta. It is located 164km from the capital city. From there, it can be accessed by the national route RN51 and the railway line C14. It has acceptable communications systems, schools, hospital, etc. It is the base of the National Gendarmerie Squadron 22.
The city of San Antonio de los Cobres receives the attention of the tourism but with little infrastructure, this makes the tourist considers it as place to stop to visit almost exclusively the tourist landmark "The Polvorilla viaduct". It has an acceptable hotel with 10 rooms. There are other cheaper accommodation facilities and other new hotels with a capacity of 50 to 80 guests are still under construction which can provide accommodation for researchers and technicians.
b) Olacapato (Salta province)
It is a small town in the province of Salta in the Department of the Andes. It is located on the General Manuel Belgrano railroad line, part of the Tren de Las Nubes (Train to the Clouds) railroad. It has a population of 180 inhabitants. Considered the highest village in Argentina with 4,009 meters above sea label. In the past, it was used as transit station carrying iron from the Laco mine in Chile to Altos Hornos Zapla in the province of Jujuy.
c) North-south corridor
Along the National Route 40 (former Provincial Route 74) passing through small colla communities such as Puesto Sey, Pastos Chicos and Huancar, and connecting with the town of Susques, all belonging to the Province of Jujuy. In this corridor lives about 600 families belonging to the communities.
Collas communities throughout the region should be contacted and informed about the scope of the project and the contributions to education. It should be also checked that the chosen location does not correspond to any sacred sites. It is crucial to point out that it will not generate any pollution. It must have their approval, especially because of the sense of belonging through the centuries they have on these lands.
Along with the problem of formal education will be important to undertake a project of strengthening of the astronomical knowledge possessed by Collas and build, together with the community, strategies for this revaluation. It is important that formal education does not erase the knowledge that it would be important to disseminate.
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